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Language On Ukrainian On the foreign languages
Albanian 165 170
English 65 70
Bulgarian 120 125
Bosnian 210 215
Greek 120 125
Georgian 120 125
Danish 145 150
Spanish 110 115
Italian 100 105
Catalan 165 170
Latina 155 160
Macedonian 135 140
* Price per 1800 characters with spaces
Language On Ukrainian On the foreign languages
Azerbaijan 135 140
Belarusian 120 125
Kazakh 115 120
Russian 80 85
Tajik 195 200
Uzbek 175 180
* Price per 1800 characters with spaces
Language On Ukrainian On the foreign languages
Arabic 140 145
Bengali 200 200
Vietnam 180 185
Hebrew 135 140
Indonesian 290 290
China 180 185
Korean 180 185
Malay 270 270
Thai 270 270
Tatar 170 175
Turkish 120 125
Persian 160 165
Hindi 180 185
Japanese 180 185
* Price per 1800 characters with spaces
Language On Ukrainian On the foreign
Latvian 140 145
Lithuania 130 135
* Price per 1800 characters with spaces



School certificates

Driving license



Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting

The notarization of documents


Localization of websites

Writing of the authentic texts (copywriting, rewriting)

Writing of scientific works in foreign languages

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To provide you with the highest quality translations, we selected experienced translators capable of choosing and understanding not only the words but also the nuances and niceties of the original author's text.

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  • Legal translation
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  • Business correspondence
  • Medical translation
  • Technical translation
  • Fiction and publicistic translation
  • Translation of personal documents
  • Website translation
  • Translation of video and audio materials
  • Translation of restaurant menus

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